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Re: The European Union vs. Netanyahu

By on 7.17.13 | 7:03PM

Kaylin had a superb blog post this morning about the European Union's continuing anti-Israel idiocy. (Sorry for the blunt language, but bluntness is definitely appropriate here.) It was informative, thorough, and a great read. 

Let me add a little thought, since she mentions the Euro desire to enforce the "1949 armistice line." The simple reality of the world for millennia of human history is that if one (or several) nation(s) attack(s) another from a particular territory, and the defending nation pushes the attackers out of the territory from which they launched the attack, then the territory gained in that effort of self-defense can be rightfully that of the nation that originally was the defender. In both 1967 and 1973, Israel came under attack. Israel gained control of the West Bank after the Six-Day War of 1967. Half a million Jews live in (on?) the West Bank. There is no good reason for Israel to forfeit military control of the territory from which its own land was attacked, and even less reason for Jews to withdraw from those lands. Arabs are welcome, and enjoy rights, in Israel.

Why can't Jews be welcome, and enjoy rights, in a territory whose state "ownership" was always in dispute anyway? Indeed, why can't Jews anywhere in the Middle East enjoy the same rights in whatever country in which they reside that Arabs or other non-Jews enjoy within the undisputed territory of Israel?

The European Union is dead wrong on this. May Israel continue to stand strong against it.

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