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The Republican Death Wish

By on 7.10.13 | 9:05AM

Here's what's frustrating about the GOP talks on immigration. They're taking the present regime as the base point, and negotiating from there. But the base point -- the 1965 Immigration Act -- has not only harmed the party but also harmed America. It has opened the door to immigrants (under "family preferences") from third world countries who are economic negatives and political negatives. They come here to be with their families and bring the politics of Mexico and Guatemala with them. It's not as if they read the Federalist Papers, in short. You might be unhappy with rule by a caudillo in the White House. They're not. It's what they're used to.

The only deal that would make sense for Republicans would be one that opened the doors to economic migrants and shut the door to the massive family preference entrants of the last 48 years. And the illegals? Look, if they're happy with the status quo (as opposed to going home), why so am I.

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