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Egyptian Military Shuts Down Islamic TV Stations, Arrests Staff

By on 7.3.13 | 5:10PM

Morsi may be out, but free speech doesn't seem to have a hold in Egypt yet.

After announcing that Morsi had been removed from power and a plan for an interim government put in place, the military began shutting down Islamic television stations. Pro-Morsi channels have been taken off the air, according to Ahram Online, the English arm of Egypt's state-run newspaper:

The Muslim Brotherhood-owned television channel Misr 25 went off air along with several other Islamist-run channels, including the controversial Hafez and Al-Nas, shortly after the military statement announcing the ouster of president Mohamed Morsi.

Police forces went to the Media Production City in Cairo's 6 October, where the offices and studios of these channels are located, and evacuated them, according to Al-Ahram's Arabic-language news portal.

The police also arrested some of the personnel working for these channels.

Egyptian blogger Zeyad Salem tweeted a picture he said was of Egyptian officials arresting Misr 25's staff, and other sources on Twitter claim that the staffs of other Islamic stations have been arrested as well.

Al Jazeera's live Egypt service was taken off the air when security stormed the building during a broadcast and arrested the staff, according to Al Jazeera correspondents.

These developments should be deeply concerning for those who hoped that the military coup would be a step forward for the country. There are still many reasons to be wary.

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