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Military Coup Underway in Egypt

By on 7.3.13 | 1:02PM

A full military coup is underway in Egypt, according to President Mohammed Morsi's national security adviser.

The military has sent tanks into Cairo and has already faced conflict with pro-Morsi protesters on the street. Islamists climbed on top of tanks before the military fired shots into the air to disperse the crowd around them. Armed vehicles have been seen crossing the 6th October Bridge towards Tahrir Square, where the demonstrations are centered.

Among the anti-Morsi protesters, cheers have been loud and exuberant, especially as news broke that the military was moving into Cairo. With flags flying overhead, protesters have fired celebratory gunshots into the air.

The military has placed a travel ban on Morsi, as well as other top Muslim Brotherhood officials. Morsi has asked citizens to peacefully oppose a military coup.

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