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Did Former IRS Chief Steve Miller Perjure Himself?

By on 6.26.13 | 4:49PM

This week, the Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee released documents showing that the IRS used the term "progressive" to create a BOLO ("Be on the Lookout") list. Liberals have used this to claim that progressive groups were also targeted by the IRS.

But former IRS chief Steve Miller denied that exact thing in front of the House Ways and Means Committee on May 17, long before we heard anything about the additional BOLO lists.

"There were no 'progressive' or 'organizing' buzzwords that were used for targeting, is that correct?" Rep. Paul Ryan asked.

"That's correct," Miller said.

Essentially, Miller had two choices that day: say that "progressive" was a buzzword the IRS used to pull applications, and largely clear both his name and his agency of any wrongdoing, or deny it and quite possibly perjure himself, as he was under oath at the time.

It is theoretically possible that Miller did not know about the BOLO lists, but seems unlikely given that he knew he would be testifying about the subject and should have thoroughly prepared beforehand.

Why wouldn't Miller readily admit the use of other BOLO lists to the committee? Something doesn't add up here.

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