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Faith and Freedom Win Another Round

By on 6.21.13 | 2:16PM

As I explain at the University of Mobile's Center for Leadership, faith and freedom have won another intermediate round in the courts this week, with yet another judge issuing an injunction against the HHS abortifacient mandate.

 Judge [Joy Flowers] Conti made mincemeat of the government’s assertion.

    “Under the proposed rules,” she wrote, “Geneva is faced with having to choose between violating its deeply held religious beliefs and being forced to terminate its student health insurance coverage, which it alleges also burdens its religious exercise.”...  On several other tests of whether an injunction should be issued against the government, the judge again found that the facts and law supported a preliminary injunction. Judge Conti also wrote that “the public interest will likewise benefit if the court grants the requested relief, because ‘there is strong public interest in protecting fundamental First Amendment rights’” such as the free exercise of religion.

    The judge’s findings are a model of legal reasoning......

By the count of the Alliance Defending Freedom, the scorecard on the HHS mandate now stands 20 against the mandate, only seven in favor. The Obama administration is quite rightly taking a licking on this so far.

Even those who are not pro life should applaud these intermediate victories for religious freedom. I guarantee you the left wing would be up in arms if the government mandated that Muslims serve pork or that Hindus must slaugher sacred cows.

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