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Tebowing and ‘Polarizing’

By on 6.11.13 | 5:43PM

Many commenters took strong exception to my use of the word "polarizing" to describe Tim Tebow in my column on the quarterback's arrival in New England. One called it "using the left's language."

To polarize, according to one definition, is "to cause people to adopt extreme opposing positions." It's just an objective fact Tebow has strong supporters and detractors. Much -- perhaps too much -- of this owes to his Chrisitan faith and pro-life views. But people even have diametrically opposed opinions of his quarterback play.

You don't have to believe the young man deserves the controversy that surrounds his every move to recognize he's controverisal. That's why I think his union with the Patriots is a good thing: it's an opportunity to shift the focus away from the outside noise to what he can do on the field.

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