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Looking For a Few Good Persons

By on 8.25.15 | 6:05PM

Sadly, the anecdote I’m about to share illustrates so many things these days as our culture continues to circle the drain. It’s is said that someone once asked Louis Armstrong what soul was. The great Satchmo is reported to have replied, “If you listen to the music and can’t hear it, I can’t tell you what it is.” Just so. And when someone asks, in all seriousness, “Well, why shouldn’t women serve in combat and in elite units like Army Rangers of Navy SEALS?” I feel like Louie must have felt trying to answer that poor earless sod’s question about music. If any adult can ask that question, he or she is too immune to the obvious for me to answer it.

As widely reported, the U.S. Army, which is being miniaturized as the threats to our security grow, now has two women Rangers, or at least two women who’ve graduated from Ranger school. Surely political pressure will have these women serving in Ranger units faster than you can say “social engineering.” The news was met mostly by cheering from the usual quarters.

A Captivating Prospect

By on 8.25.15 | 4:07PM

This week Rasmussen Reports asked a more interesting question about Hillary Clinton than the mainstream media have been asking. (Not difficult.) Forty-six percent of 1,000 likely voters told Rasmussen that they agreed La Clinton should suspend her presidential campaign “until all the legal questions about her use of a private email server during her times as Secretary of State are resolved.”

A captivating prospect. But of course it won’t happen. Mz Hillary doesn’t like campaigning, and she’s not at all good at it. But she would rather suspend breathing than interrupt her last chance at the office she wants so badly that everyone in the lower-48 can taste it.

British Foreign Secretary Claims Iran Is Taking a ‘More Nuanced Approach’ Towards Israel; Top Iranian Official Responds by Calling For Its Annilihation

By on 8.25.15 | 3:44PM

With very little fanfare, Britain has restored diplomatic relations with Iran following the recent signing of the Iran nuclear agreement.

In an interview with BBC4, British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond says current Iranian President Rouhani is taking “a more nuanced approach” towards Israel. It would appear that Iran has a different understanding of nuance from that of its Foreign Secretary. Hossein Sheikholeslam, adviser on international affairs to the Speaker of Iran’s parliament, told the Fars News Agency, “Our positions against the usurper Zionist regime have not changed at all; Israel should be annihilated and this is our ultimate slogan.”

The White House Wants You To Know That Joe Biden Is Really Fantastic

By on 8.25.15 | 2:02PM

A pall has passed over Facebook. Hillary's most dedicated supporters are so depressed, giant tears dripping down their embroidered sweatshirts, collecing into pools on the floorboards of their minivans, coloring their endless Facebook wall posts about their precious soccer-playing children with the kind of "blue" tinge they normally reserve for disappointing Grey's Anatomy episodes. The White House has endorsed Joe Biden. 

As Hillary Clinton flails around, desperate to overcome her email scandal, the White House has all but abandoned her in the water. Yesterday, they claimed that choosing Joe Biden over Hillary for Obama's Vice President was a fantastic political decision - perhaps one of Obama's best. Today, they're papering social media with full-throated praise for America's least influential Vice President (unless you consider his impact on Journey's resurgence). According to the Obama Administration, Joe Biden has everything you need to be a President: attitude, aptitude and good looks to boot.

Megyn Kelly Has Got Under Donald Trump’s Skin and How Ben Carson Could Help

By on 8.25.15 | 12:20PM

What to make of Donald Trump’s litany of tweets against Megyn Kelly upon her return to The Kelly File last night?

Either Trump has a schoolboy crush on Kelly or he’s still angry with her for asking him a tough question about his past statements against women at the GOP debate earlier this month. I suspect the latter is more likely and if that is the case then Trump’s skin is even thinner than Obama’s. The last thing this country needs is another thin-skinned Commander in Chief. May I remind people Kelly asked the question almost three weeks ago.

Let me put it another way. Trump wasn’t the only candidate to whom Kelly put a tough question. Consider Dr. Ben Carson. When he wasn’t otherwise being ignored, Kelly asked him this pointed question:

The Morning Spectacle: Tuesday’s Child

By on 8.25.15 | 4:00AM

Today is National Whiskey Sour Day, in case you needed reminding.

In Our Sights:

The White House would like to remind you that picking Joe Biden as VP over Hillary Clinton was an excellent political decision. Because now they're free to endorse Joe Biden for President over Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton maintains that her private email server was both entirely aboveboard and totally safe. Unfortunately, it was also a mystery to the Department of Homeland Security, which now claims the State Department never warned them that Clinton was sending classified love letters through an unsecured server in her basement.

Walker Calls on Obama to Cancel State Dinner with Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping

By on 8.24.15 | 9:02PM

In the wake of today's global stock market crash which owes a great deal to Chinese currency devaluation as well their aggressive military posture on the South China Sea, their cyberattacks and persecution of religious minorities, Scott Walker has called upon President Obama to "show some backbone" and cancel next month's state dinner with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping.

Of course, Obama will do no such thing. After all, Obama thinks its easier to be President of China than this country and would like pointers. But if today's tumble on the world markets has a lasting impact then perhaps pressure will be brought to bear on Obama to disinvite Xi. Again, this is an unlikely scenario unless Xi converts to Judaism and changes his name to Netanyahu. But it does look bad for Obama to welcome China with open arms at a time when China is stabbing this country in the backat every turn.

Walker: Trump Using Democratic Talking Points Against Me

By on 8.24.15 | 10:34AM

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker responded to charges leveled by Donald Trump that his state is “really in trouble” and “has not performed well” by arguing that Trump was simply “using the talking points of Democrats.”

Walker was able to respond to Trump in a matter of minutes as the two appeared back to back on ABC News This Week with George Stephanopoulos yesterday morning.

If Trump thinks Wisconsin is “really in trouble” and “has not performed well” then I think it is fair to ask how Trump would have approached public sector collective bargaining had he been Governor of Wisconsin. Does he stand with the people of Wisconsin or does he stand with the union bosses?