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Hommage à Mark Sanford

By on 5.9.13 | 1:08PM

Jim Buckley, Barry Goldwater, Hugh Scott. Patriots. Three Republican senators who in 1974 gave Nixon the word that it was time to go. Two conservatives, one liberal, who cared more for country than party.

Jim Buckley, Barry Goldwater, Hugh Scott. Patsies.

That's what you call someone who's been gulled by the other side.

What Buckley, Goldwater and Scott did, implicitly, was make an offer to the Dems. If you get one of yours in the White House, and he turns out to be a rogue, do thou as we have done. 

But that's not what happened, was it? In the Clinton impeachment. And now Benghazi. The spectacle of the Dems on the Committee trying to save Hillary was sick-making. It tells members of the diplomatic corps that their lives are worth less than the Dems' chances in the next election.

It means that any Republican who turns on his own in order to curry favor with the Dems, with the Washington Post and the New York Times, is a prize fool. And should get out of the businesss of giving advice to Republicans. 

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