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Vijay Singh is a Jerk

By on 5.9.13 | 12:24AM

Vijay Singh already had a reputation as one of the most standoffish, unpleasant characters on the PGA Tour. Now he has taken that reputation to a new low. When he sued the PGA Tour today, supposedly because the PGA harmed his reputation, he made himself into a virtual laughingstock -- first, because it didn't take the PGA Tour to harm his reputation, and second, because the suit itself is absurd.

It was Singh himself who publicly said he took "deer antler spray," a possibly banned substance used for bodily "enhancement." It was Singh who didn't check to find out if the stuff was legal or not. 

Yet the PGA Tour, after doing a thorough review, actually dropped charges and proposed penalties against Singh. Yes, that's right: The tour did absolutely nothing, in the end, to punish Singh. Yet Singh is suing the tour because it dared to actually investigate his own apparent transgression, and because it withheld his earnings -- not denied, but put those earnings in escrow -- until the investigation was complete. These were earnings for just a few months, for a man who has made tens of millions of dollars during his career.

So let's get this straight: Singh is suing an organization through which he has made a fortune, for having the temerity merely to investigate whether he broke its rules -- even though it let him off on a technicality.

As ESPN golf writer Bob Harig put it: "Amazing."

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