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Macho, Macho Man

By on 5.8.13 | 12:07PM

As if we needed more proof that Rick Perry is a man’s man and a really neat guy, now emerges a video of the Texas governor’s target practice.

The video, which was played as an introduction for Perry’s speech at this week’s National Rifle Association meeting in Houston, shows him shooting an egg from 100 yards away as Ted Nugent plays in the background. Perry is a marksman with a steely gaze and unapologetic Texas swagger. He looks like the Marlboro man and packs a pistol in case he has to shoot a snake or a coyote while jogging.  

According to NBC News:

Some political pundits accused Perry of shooting the same type of weapon used in the Newtown, Conn. school shooting -- an AR-15.

Luckily for Perry that was not the case, as his weapon of choice was the LaRue PredatOBR 7.62. Perry got a reprieve on this one, because logic tells us if he had used the same gun as Adam Lanza, he would be condoning gun violence. 

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