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Holder is Acting Like Tsarnaev’s Attorney

By on 4.26.13 | 9:10PM

The FBI interrogation of Dhozkar Tsarnaev was able to find out the Tsarnaev brothers were planning to go to New York City to blow up Times Square and try to succeed where Faisal Shahzad failed. 

Perhaps the FBI could have found out if anyone was providing material assistance to the Tsarnaevs if Eric Holder wasn't so hell bent on having Tsarnaev's Miranda rights read to him yesterday. Now we may never know. Sure, they would have been read to him eventually but the FBI had another 32 hours left to question him under the public safety exception. But public safety be damned. 

It seems to me that Holder is acting more like Tsarnaev's attorney than Attorney General. But should we really be surprised? After all, Holder's old law firm provided their services to Gitmo detainees. Who knows? Maybe they'll volunteer to represent Tsarnaev.

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