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Jesus Was a Hipster?

By on 4.28.13 | 9:13AM

In a desperate attempt to attract more followers, the Diocese of Brooklyn has launched “a series of posters calling Christ ‘The original hipster,’ as well as ads designed for gyms and bars,” the Catholic News Agency reports.

“It's not about accommodating Christ to ourselves, but accommodating ourselves to Christ, changing our life,” Monsignor Kieran Harrington, vicar for communications at the Brooklyn diocese and the creator of the campaign, told CNA.

Winning souls for Christ is no easy task, and no one ever said it was. There are proven methods, but “accommodating Christ to ourselves” (which is precisely what applying Him with a modern, appealing label is) isn’t one of them. If you’re attracting a flock initially with the idea that Christ was some dude who was into indie music and not fitting in, your new followers might be turned off when they learn that followers of our Lord are expected to remain pure, confess their sins, and *gasp!* attend Church every Sunday.

So being the Son of God isn’t enough to attract this demographic to Jesus Christ. Let’s make Jesus Christ seem more like them, rather than have them want to be more like Christ. 

Msgr. Harrington justified what seems to be a semi-sacreligious, liberal ploy by explaining:

"The point of the Church is precisely that we shouldn't think that just because of how someone dresses, if they wear Converse sneakers, that they can't come to church on Sunday or won't find understanding in church on Sunday."

“We've got to think of ways to provoke a conversation, because a lot of people come to us with pre-conceived notions about what people who are religious are like, in the same way that a lot of religious people have pre-conceived notions about other people.”

Is there a wrong way to save a soul? I would say no. However, this technique doesn't seem to be representing what it means to be Catholic in any way.

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