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Legal Murder?

By on 4.27.13 | 1:19PM

The infamous Kermit Gosnell trial has revealed for those who didn't know, or who had been living in denial, the gruesome atrocities that take place inside abortion clinics. The Daily Mail reports that Chinese immigrant Bei Bei Shuai is being charged with murder and feticide after ingesting rat poison which killed her eight-month-old unborn child. 

Why is Shuai's termination of the growing, living being inside her considered murder, and abortion is not? Pro-aborts no longer seem to argue the reality that the unborn fetus, formerly known as a "blob of tissue," is indeed a baby. If it were simply that, why have laws governing the removal of it? Why aren't there harsh debates about allowing people to have tumors and moles removed too? Why do pregnant women weep and become haunted with remorse and intense depression when they undergo the "routine procedure?" The truth is, it's no longer an issue of whether the unborn is a life, and I don't think it ever really was. 

So what have we come to? Is it finally time to admit that the United States has legal murders?

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