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Cuccinelli’s Campaign Turns Petty

By on 4.22.13 | 4:10PM

Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, is asking Democratic challenger Terry McAuliffe how much money he made from Mississippi-based GreenTech Automotive during his tenure as the company’s chair.

Last Thursday Cuccinelli released eight-years’ worth of tax returns to the public, and is asking McAuliffe to do the same.

Cuccinelli’s dedication to conservative principles has already earned him the coveted Teresa Mull seal of approval, but these latest campaigning practices are a little disappointing. The Washington Examiner hearkened back to the days of Romney and wrote that Cuccinelli’s move to call for McAuliffe’s tax records is a “page from the Obama playbook.”

It’s one thing to play on the left’s level in a political kill-or-be-killed situation, but I think Cuccinelli is demeaning himself and can do better. Why does it matter if McAuliffe made loads of money from GreenTech? It proves he’s a savvy businessman, something everyone would want in a leader. If he paid lower taxes, good for him: we all get taxed to death as it is. Since when does, "I paid more taxes than you, therefore I'm more qualified to lead" ring true? Even if McAuliffe cheated on his taxes, or if his actions are revealing to his character and proclaimed policies, do you really want to win that way?

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