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Diamonds Aren’t (Always) Forever

By on 4.20.13 | 11:33AM

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but a new poll reveals they have morphed into a craze-inducing, and I’d say pretty unromantic, obsession:  

The Daily Mail reports that women have admitted to: “coughing up the cash themselves, [and] begging and pleading with their fiancé until they give in [to get] their hands on the perfect ‘rock.’

One in five promised not to have a big, expensive wedding if they were presented with the perfect diamond ring.

The poll found that some women even admitted to throwing a wobbler after their man popped the question because they wanted a better ring.

In fact, ten per cent of all couples admitted they had crossed words during the ring buying process.”

Of course bigger is better when it comes to jewels, but unless the man is deliberately being a cheapskate about it, what’s the big deal? Even if the ring isn’t exactly what you had in mind, it’s still a piece of bling that sparkles. How do you mess that up? And besides, whatever design your betrothed chooses will be an expression of him and his love for you, and be all the more beautiful for that…unless of course you’re one of the “wobblers” who hesitated when the ring presented wasn’t “the one.” Do the guys still want to marry the girls who do that?

And another thing: Why are couples partaking in a “ring buying process?” One way to avoid squabbles on this point is to make ring shopping a solo man’s expedition. The ring and the proposal should be a surprise. Always.

The good news from this report is that the average price men in general think they should spend on a ring is slightly higher than what women consider a proper price.

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