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Jindal in a Rough Patch

By on 4.18.13 | 10:28AM

Katrina Trinko at NRO has a well-reported story today about the political rough patch being experienced by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. His absenteeism, his or his staff's high-handedness and hardball tactics, and his unpopular proposal to completely eliminate the state's income tax but replace it with a slew of other higher taxes, all have pushed his once-stratospheric popularity below 50 percent -- and by at least two surveys, well below.

By most standards, Jindal has been not just a good governor but a superb one. But his current problems have been building for a while, and it would behoove him to do some serious home-state, political, self-rehabilitation. There are those of us who wish him well who would gladly tell him personally about all the complaints we have heard about his administration's style. Jindal is a brilliant guy, a real conservative, and a reformer. The national conservative movement needs him to shore up his political standing at home. 

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