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Two-by-Four Did It for the Mule

By on 4.17.13 | 10:36PM

Quite a feat by President Obama and the Congress, both parties, in keeping attention focused on issues most Americans are not that interested in. Most of the political oxygen these days is taken up by gun control and immigration. Two issues voters don’t much care about, and about which Congress can only make things worse.

It’s good that the gun control tar baby got slowed down in the Senate today. But a newly released poll shows only four percent of American voters tell Gallup that gun control is the most important issue facing the nation, even in the face Obama’s rants on the subject. The same small percentage tell Gallup immigration and illegal aliens are the country's biggest problem. Even moral and ethical decline, at five percent, are of more concern than the subjects Congress is spending the bulk to its time on.

Of course even the half-way sentient don’t need Gallop to tell them the sorry state of the economy and the lack of jobs are what Americans are most concerned about. The economy in general and unemployment are chosen as top problem by a combined total of 42 percent. Debt, deficit, and dissatisfaction with government are top worry for another 27 percent of Americans.

In the case of the mule, it took a two-by-four to get its attention. Wonder what it will finally take with the president and the Congress? 

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