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Legalize Polygamy!

By on 4.15.13 | 10:36AM

Just when I thought that the Left couldn’t make it any easier to ridicule them, Slate delivers this delightful piece. The author (a feminist? Odd) argues that we should indeed legalize polygamy. 

In a refreshing bout of honesty, this author wants to throw monogamy out the door. If marriage doesn’t mean at least TRYING to be monogamous, what the heck are we doing? Might as well break out the Roman costumes and prepare for the endless orgies.

I’m not quite sure what could be more chauvinist than a man deciding on a daily basis which of his three wives he’s going to sleep with. "Well sweetie, I was going to spend the night with you, but your sister wife lost a couple pounds so I’m going to go with her. Maybe next time!" That’s a superficial example, but you cannot deny that the husband would be deciding on a whim whose bed he wants to share each night. The family dynamics are ugly. Perhaps Slate enjoyed one too many episodes of Big Love.

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