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The Spectator’s Spectacular: Most Read Stories, Apr. 6-13

By on 4.13.13 | 1:28PM

Enjoy this week's Spectactular stories!

1. The Obama Watch: Obama Attacks IRAs by Ross Kaminsky

   Who is he to set limits on what one can save for retirement?

2. Loose Canons: Guns Responsible for Global Warming by Jed Babbin

   Their assaults on guns are driving the liberals batty.

3. Special Report: Shock Jock Conservatives by Matt Purple

   A new generation of comics gets fed up with the left.

4. Special Report: Pat Smith and 700 Special Ops by Jeffrey Lord 

   Demand for Benghazi truth: mother of slain diplomat to Hannity: “They’re trying to shut me up.”

5. Ben Stein's Diary: On Losing Freedom by Ben Stein 

   Once it’s gone, how do you get it back? 

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