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Rick Perry’s House of Sane

By on 4.2.13 | 4:53PM

Rick Perry is standing firm on his principles in a show that would make Davy Crockett and the defenders of the Alamo proud.

Though it could cost his state $90 billion, Perry reiterated his opposition to Obamacare at a press conference yesterday, stating bluntly: “Texas will not be participating in Medicaid expansion.”

Expanding the health-insurance program would make Texas “hostage” to the federal government, Perry said, "It would benefit no one in our state to see their taxes skyrocket and our economy crushed as our budget crumbled under the weight of oppressive Medicaid costs."

Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn stood by to support Perry in his resistance.

Cornyn said, “Why in the world would we keep expanding this flawed system, and jamming more and more people into a program where they can’t find a doctor who will see them?”

Many other GOP governors have already embraced Medicaid expansion. If Obama continues to get his way, “You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.”

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