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The Duke Lacrosse Referendum

By on 11.7.06 | 2:16PM

The Associated Press reports that while voter participation appears low so far in most of rainy North Carolina today, in Durham County where District Attorney Mike Nifong is up for re-election, "there was robust turnout." Also, this happened:

Nifong had a brief run-in at the polling place with Bob Harris, the play-by-play voice of the (Duke) Blue Devils, when the prosecutor attempted to shake his hand. The radio announcer jumped into his car and was visibly upset when he noticed a television cameraman filming the exchange. He called county sheriff's deputies, who took no action after they arrived.

"The majority have been very friendly. There have been a few people who have not," a cheerful Nifong said later as he greeted voters in the parking lot of Temple Baptist Church. "There was one guy who came by with a lacrosse T-shirt. I didn't talk to him. I might have prejudged him - I'm not sure."

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