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Dan Rather’s November Surprise

By on 11.7.06 | 1:30PM

We can't have an Election Day without Dan Rather capturing at least a little bit of notice, can we? This morning on our Raleigh news talk station the former (and now disgraced) CBS anchor was interviewed to promote his upcoming new program on HDNet. Well, during the radio segment Rather was feeling a little ambushed, as host (and my Locke Foundation colleague) Donna Martinez asked about, you know, THE STORY (or FABLE or TALE, or whatever you'd like to call it):

"He said the story is true, and that what he thinks that what people didn't like is that he reported the story," Martinez said....

"At one point he said that he didn't realize that I was going to hammer him," said Martinez. She said he also accused her of having a political agenda in raising the question about the 2004 story, which ran two months before the presidential election.

Rather is as delusional as he was back in 2004, actually thinking he doesn't have to answer questions about the Bush/National Guard/phony documents story any more.

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