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New Direction: Vietnamization

By on 11.7.06 | 10:24AM

Michael Kinsley in this morning's Washington Post asks voters to cast their ballots today before they read the Democrat agenda, as outlined in the party's "New Direction for America." Why? Fiscal irresponsibility, he says, with excessive tax credits and "enormous new spending programs." The other reason is this:

For national security in general, the Democrats' plan is so according-to-type that you cringe with embarrassment: It's mostly about new cash benefits for veterans. Regarding Iraq specifically, the Democrats' plan has two parts. First, they want Iraqis to take on "primary responsibility for securing and governing their country." Then they want "responsible redeployment" (great euphemism) of American forces.

Older readers may recognize this formula. It's Vietnamization -- the Nixon-Kissinger plan for extracting us from a previous mistake. But Vietnamization was not a plan for victory. It was a plan for what was called "peace with honor" and is now known as "defeat."

I don't know why Kinsley decided to write about this thing five months after its release, but I guess better late then never.

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