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Re: Technically Obese

By on 11.7.06 | 6:43AM

Shawn, thanks for the info. I was going to look it up today myself. When a Christian Science Monitor stringer was kidnapped in Iraq, then rescued after having made an obviously self-preserving video praising her captors, WRKO talk show host John Depetro deported himself like, in the CSM editor's words, "a cretin," accusing the girl of politically correct jihadism. It wasn't the only time. So I won't miss him and his pinched nasal Rhode Island accent.

Before your time, but there was a flap in California long ago when right-wing House member John Schmitz called feminist radical lawyer Gloria Allred a "slick, butch lawyeress." Believe it or not, the press spun that as anti-Semitism, and Schmitz's career began downhill from that point.

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