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Re: Shuler

By on 11.6.06 | 9:15AM

By the way, the guy actually got an interview with the "failed NFL QB," who appeared to be pretty good-natured about the Web site. It also made for a fairly amusing discussion, including this:

SS: You talk about "Mountain Values" a lot. What exactly are mountain values? How are they different than coastal values? I saw the movie Deliverance recently -- they had mountain values, but I assume yours are different.

HS: Mountain values are about community, faith, and respect for others. They are about saying "yes sir" and "no ma'am" and taking your hat off when you go indoors. They are about pulling over for a funeral procession. They are about being there for people when they need help.

SS: They don't sound unique to mountains. They actually sound like military values.

HS: You may not understand what they mean, being on the coast, but the people around here know what we're talking about.

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