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By on 11.2.06 | 11:05AM

Two interesting things in Howard Kurtz today. He agrees with Power Line's John Hinderaker's "fault[ing] The Washington Post for not front-paging" the Kerry stuck-in-Iraq story. (Not that Kurtz's clout at the Washington Post could compel it to run the bias-testing "Halp Us Jon Carry" photo in today's edition.)

Second, Kurtz includes an ample excerpt from a Daily Kosser's defense of Kerry. It amounts to an attack on all Bush administration officials and defenders who haven't served in the U.S. military. Among those faulted: Condoleezza Rice and Ann Coulter. Now that's a new standard: Chickenhawkettes? Should they have risked having James Webb attack them as horny? And where does it leave Democrat women, say, Hillary, who has set her sights on the post of Commander in Chief? So far as anyone knows, she didn't even bother to join the Arkansas National Guard. Of course, it's possible she was part of the Nepalese military escort that accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary up Mt. Everest. There are also rumors she served with Rommel in North Africa.

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