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More Echoes Needed for This Voice

By on 10.30.06 | 1:20PM

Bill Cosby, God bless him, is at it again -- this time at a forum called "Education is a Civil Right," held at a church in inner-city Los Angeles. A sampling:

Cosby chastised those black parents who he said fail to involve themselves in their children's education, know what subjects they're studying, visit their schools or meet the teachers. Some fail to monitor their children's habits, he said.

"We've got parents who won't check the bedrooms of their children to see if there's a gun," he said.

He chided teachers for not explaining clearly to students who ask, "Why do I need to know this?" that their algebra and English classes can help them obtain higher-paying jobs.

"I'm not asking you to entertain the children," he told listening teachers. "If you teach English, and you can't answer this child … then you're in trouble, and we've been in trouble. We can't answer these children, because nobody's given them any goals...."

...Even some churchgoers drew a rebuke. Cosby riffed on the common expression "The Lord will find a way," adding, "So I'm just going to wait for Jesus to find a way."

He said: "Too many people are waiting for Jesus to come along and cut your grass. And Jesus isn't going to come along and cut your grass."

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