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Toothless Hyenas

By on 10.27.06 | 1:28PM

I am watching the White House press briefing with the incomparable Tony Snow, and I am just amazed at how unaware the White House press corps is that they come across like a pathetic pack of starving but toothless hyenas. Again and again they ask about Dick Cheney's "dunking" comments and insisting that the Veep is endorsing waterboarding (not, as Seinfeld would say, that there's anything wrong with that), and again and again Tony keeps his humor and repeats the rest of the Veep's answer, immediately thereafter, that he does NOT endorse torture. After a while, the viewer is left with this thought: Who the $#&^&*@ cares? I wish all Americans were forced to watch this nonsense. Americans care about providing for their families and making sure they are protected from criminals and terrorists. They don't care whether a "dunk" in the water is the same as or different than a technique called "waterboarding," when the dunkee is a suspected terrorist. Yeah, they don't want anybody subjected to the sorts of painful treatment, the actual torture, that John McCain suffered from in Vietnam -- but they aren't too concerned about bad guys getting wet. They care more about gas prices, and taxes, and safety, and jobs. But the White House press corps absolutely splutters and twists itself in knots trying to score a "gotcha" point against Tony Snow about a wholly, entirely, absolutely, totally unimportant point. To pluralize a favorite Bugs Bunny expression, "What maroons!"

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