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Expanded Definition of ‘Defeatocrat’

By on 10.24.06 | 1:18PM

CNN's Candy Crowley reports today (make sure you watch the "wuss" video segment embedded in the story) that not all Democrats are feeling confident about their election prospects in two weeks:

On the cusp of an election that could overturn the Republican majority on Capitol Hill, I jokingly asked a senior Democratic aide whether he had ordered new business cards to reflect majority status.

"Don't underestimate our ability to blow it," he said.

There is a reason Democrats are on edge. They have lost so many elections where it seemed they were running with the wind, the phenomenon is known in political circles as Democrats "embracing their inner-defeatist."

...CNN asked self-identified Democrats around Miami, Florida, Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California, how they view their party. It was word association, "I say Democrat, you say ... " Not scientific, but instructive.

Here is some of what we heard:

• "Disorganized"

• "Afraid to take a stand"

• "Not giving us anything better to look at"

• "A little soft"

So, 'defeatocrat' is not merely limited to war-related activities, and apparently is not an obsolete term when connected to the upcoming election.

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