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Ratings Worse Than Kenny Rogers’s Hand

By on 10.24.06 | 7:47AM

Boston Herald sports columnist Gerry Callahan comes up with another gem/zinger in his piece today about that mysterious "clump of dirt" discovered on the hand of the Detroit Tigers' Kenny Rogers Sunday night:

For hours before each start, pitchers are alone with their thoughts, their dreams and their hands. They clip their nails, file their calluses, wash, rinse, repeat. They're like snipers with their rifles. A typical big league pitcher knows the back of his hand like the back of his hand, and he's pretty familiar with the front, too. For him to take the mound with a clump of something on his pitching hand would be like Katie Couric doing the news with a piece of chive between her front teeth.

The difference between Kenny and Katie is that someone actually was watching the pitcher.

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