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Watch for a Continuing Image Makeover

By on 10.20.06 | 9:38AM

A Washington Times article today explains how Rep. Nancy Pelosi is not a shoo-in to become Speaker should Democrats take over the House, despite a Republican campaign to scare voters into thinking it's inevitable with a Democrat victory. But in an apparent effort to fortify her leadership candidacy should that happen, her staff is playing up qualifications other than the fact that she's a San Francisco liberal:

Pelosi spokeswoman Jennifer Crider said,..."Republicans are without a single winning issue, so it's no wonder they are desperately trying to falsely smear a churchgoing grandmother who has made fiscal responsibility, bipartisanship and middle-class tax cuts a priority."

Yeah, and she parks in the handicap spots near the front door, sits in the same front pew every Sunday, and eats dinner at 4:30 every evening so she can get her senior citizen discount.

A Newsweek profile of Pelosi drifts into this territory also:

A recent addition to her arsenal of barbs scolds Republican leaders for failing to stop former congressman Mark Foley's lurid messages to teenage pages. "As a mother and grandmother, I think 'lioness'," she says. "You come near the cubs, you're dead."

Just keep thinking, "churchgoing grandmother, churchgoing grandmother, churchgoing grandmother...."

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