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Gay Republican Outing

By on 10.13.06 | 11:44AM

I've been to the website where Mike Rogers is "outing" gay Republicans. The whole thing makes me laugh.

As the resident evangelical Christian apologist here at the AmSpecBlog, I find it more than amusing that these Democrats actually think we "Christianist" types will curl up in horror and say, "Well, I won't be voting for those Republicans! They have sodomites in their ranks!"

The folks running this scam claim to be "the reality-based community." I'm more and more getting the sense they don't get out much. They certainly must not know many evangelicals.

Here's the primer. Listen up:

We understand that there are such things as homosexuals.

We further understand that they are capable of different political and spiritual viewpoints than the ones you think they should espouse.

We actually know some gay people! Yes, it's true!

Some of us are friends with gay people! Crazy, I know!

It is possible to think someone is wrong about a deep moral and spiritual value and not want to violently rid the planet of them. (Of course, we also understand you disagree on this point and would like to rid the earth of us, violently if need be.)

Please noodle on all this a while. In the meantime, please continue to point out people who are putting their worldview compass ahead of their sexual gratification politically speaking. I applaud them.

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