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The Coming Republican Surge

By on 10.12.06 | 4:34PM

I'll probably elaborate on this in my column here next week, but for now, let me just note again that I expect Republican fortunes to surge between now and election day. Does this mean I expect a big win for the GOP? No. But it does mean I expect that these elections won't be a total bloodbath. The battle for control of each house of Congress will probably go down to the wire. But watch for an upset in at least one race, by a Republican, to provide a crucial seat in maintaining a majority. Watch, for instance, Randy Graf's race in Jim Kolbe's Arizona district. Or Mark Kennedy for Senate in Minnesota. Or, as I earlier wrote, Santorum for Senate in Pennsylvania. Or Bob Hogue for the House in Hawaii. Or even, in a December runoff, Joe Lavigne against scandal-plagued William Jefferson in New Orleans.

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