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A-Team v. Banacek

By on 10.11.06 | 10:31PM

Jed, I'm tempted to defer to you in this battle over classic TV, but I just can't.

The A-Team was one of the most intriguing shows I had ever seen when it premiered after the Super Bowl so many years ago, BUT . . .

If I ever have to watch an elite squad of deadly fellows weld a bunch of scrap iron into armor and rig up non-lethal projectile weapons in order to drive a group of bullies out of a small town ONE MORE TIME, it'll be one time more too many!

However, I DO agree with you that Columbo was the class act of the Movie Mystery Wheel. I've got seasons 1-5 sitting on the shelf to be consumed one by one with the bride on select nights after we put the kiddies to bed.

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