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By on 9.30.06 | 6:28PM

In my defense, I'm not one of those commentators who hasn't bothered to find anything out about Dobson. I've sat through no fewer than three events where he was the main speaker and have listened to his radio show several times. I appreciate the urge to speak out on matters of conscience, but I don't find anything in Dobson's poise or his grating rhetorical approach to abortion that would find fertile ground anywhere outside of the born again camp...which is to say, the people who don't really need convincing. The only thing that's going to move that ball down the court (not Supreme), in my opinion, is for someone to make an argument that does not rely on religion but individual rights.

So from my perspective, I find Dobson's work not only too narrow in scope but also actively contributing to stasis where he presumably wants to see movement. On other issues--especially those regarding gays and lesbians--I honestly feel he crosses the line into the distasteful quite regularity and with a spirit that is not of a positive nature to say the least.

It always concerns me when I have a disagreement with someone I respect as much as you, Larry. But this is a legitimate disagreement and not the uneducated ramblings of someone who hasn't ever bothered to learn anything about Dr. Dobson.

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