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Geek Water Cooler Huckabee Talk

By on 9.28.06 | 11:46AM

I haven't seen Mike Huckabee on the stump, so I have no personal opinion on his campaigning prowess or national electoral potential, but I have talked to dozens of activists and politically engaged citizens on the ground in New Hampshire at events with other potential Republican candidates and the amount of enthusiastic gushing I hear about Huckabee's few appearances here is pretty amazing. (And caught me utterly off guard--not the best endorsement for a suppossed political reporter.) I've also been told by College Republicans at two separate school up here that he is their first choice for an event speaker this semester.

Of course, these things rise and fall fairly quickly, but while Huckabee might not be on the pundit radar, there is a lot of New Hampshire grassroots chatter about him.

Sorry to add to the geek water cooler talk.

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