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Glenn, Give Us Urinalysis

By on 9.24.06 | 8:12AM

You just gotta love these "analysis" pieces The New York Times and The Washington Post crank out. Today The Post's Glenn Kessler dissects unfavorable opinion of the U.S. from other countries, as exhibited at the U.N. last week:

A theme running through a number of the speeches delivered here is that democracy cannot be imposed through force.

"Our peoples have a keen interest in the achievement of a larger measure of democracy, human rights and political reform," said Ahmed Aboul Gheit, foreign minister of Egypt, which receives more than $2 billion in annual aid from the United States. "However, we now see that some seek to impose these concepts by military force. They proceed from the assumption that their principles, values and culture are superior and thus worthy of being imposed on others."

No, only dictatorships are worthy of being imposed on others.
The rising anger at American policies comes as some U.S. officials privately acknowledge that they feel stymied on many international fronts: The war in Iraq is going poorly, the drive for sanctions against Iran's nuclear program has faltered, the disarmament talks with North Korea are all but dead, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is frozen, and the crisis in Sudan's Darfur region seems unsolvable.

It's so hard to believe that dictators, terrorists, and their corrupt coddlers at the U.N. just won't listen to us, isn't it? If these people lived in the U.S. they'd be in prison. Great "analysis!"
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