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The Personal Is the Political

By on 9.22.06 | 8:36PM

The Allen campaign blog has posted a couple videos worth commenting on.

George Allen went on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer yesterday.

This interview is just what the doctor ordered. Instead of retreating into silence, the Allen campaign is pouring it on and saying they have nothing to hide. I don't know if it is an act or what, but this is the most personal I have ever seen Allen, and I would guess many others as well.

That is what this Jewish issue amounts to -- a personal drama for George Allen and his family. It should not be the stuff of campaigns. But my guess is that the more the Webb campaign plays it up, the more it will backfire.

Evidence of that is the second video.

Webb has a hard time answering for his staff at Raising Kaine.

But the real question is: will either of the candidates for the U.S. Senate from Virginia celebrate the Jewish New Year tonight?

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