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Taxing Our Memory

By on 9.22.06 | 2:22PM

Yeah, I know -- I'm reading The New York Times too much. But today they also report on President Bush's (and Republicans') new election season offensive against Democrats on taxes, after weeks of focusing on national defense and terror. The emphasis: if Dems get control of Congress, taxes go up.

Many Democrats are on record calling for some or all of Mr. Bush's tax cuts to be rolled back, especially those benefiting the wealthiest taxpayers.

But Democrats said that Republicans were distorting Democratic positions on taxes affecting the middle class and that by this point, Republican attacks on tax cuts had become so familiar to voters that they would not have much effect.

"Our candidates have all announced they're for middle-class tax proposals," said Representative Rahm Emanuel, Democrat of Illinois, who is leading the Democratic effort to take back the House.

But the president yesterday called upon a Tampa audience to remember what happened last time Democrats were in control:
"The Democrats have made their position clear," Mr. Bush said. "I want you to remember the last time they had control of the United States Congress back in 1993, they passed a massive tax increase."

And if they remember just a year earlier than that, then-candidate Clinton was also promising a middle-class tax cut. Hard to tell who to believe, huh?

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