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Permanently Anesthetized

By on 9.21.06 | 1:53PM

Wal-Mart plans to cut prices of many (291) of the generic drugs it sells to $4 per 30-day supply -- an unheard-of deal -- but that's still not good enough for its critics:

The initiative - the fourth since last October that Wal-Mart has adopted to improve health benefits - drew criticism from one of its most vocal union groups, Wake Up Wal-Mart.

"While lowering prescription drug costs is a good thing, Wal-Mart cruelly ignores the fact that it fails to provide company health care to over half of its employees which leaves 46 percent of its workers' children uninsured or on public health care," said Chris Kofinis, spokesman for Wake Up Wal-Mart. "Wal-Mart needs to answer one very simple, but serious question - why not just improve the health care coverage of its employees?"

Wake up, morons -- they just did.

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