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By on 9.8.06 | 10:49AM

So former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage -- admitting it was he who first "leaked" Valerie Plame's CIA employ to Bob Novak -- says, "Oh, I feel terrible. Every day, I think I let down the president, I let down the Secretary of State. I let down my department, my family and I also let down Mr. and Mrs. Wilson." It's eight years almost to the day since I heard this sincere an apology. On 5 September 1998, Bill Clinton apologized for his "relationship" with Monica.

What both Clinton and now Armitage are sorry for is being found out, not for what they did. If Armitage had a shred of decency left, he'd be apologizing to Scooter Libby. Come to think of it, both Colin Powell and Armitage owe Libby the same apology. And the president, at this sorry point, owes Libby a pardon. Now, please. It's time to send Patrick Fitzgerald-Javert back to Chicago.

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