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Krugman: Right-Wingers In Panic Mode

By on 9.8.06 | 10:27AM

In today's NY Times column (subscription required) Paul Krugman writes:

We are, finally, having a national discussion about inequality, and right-wing commentators are in full panic mode. Statistics, most of them irrelevant or misleading, are flying; straw men are under furious attack. It's all very confusing -- deliberately so. So let me offer a few clarifying comments.

The trouble is, at no point in the article does he quote specific "panicking" conservatives. Instead, he makes statements such as,"Conservative commentators tell us about wage gains for one-eyed bearded men with 2.5 years of college, or whatever - and conveniently forget to adjust for inflation." But isn't that just -- dare I say it -- a strawman? Meanwhile, consider this bit of economic news from today's business section of Krugman's own employer:

The number of newly laid-off workers filing claims for unemployment benefits dropped more sharply than expected last week, signaling continuing labor market strength despite a general economic slowdown.

Perhaps it's Krugman himself who is in "panic mode."

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