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RE: Steve Irwin

By on 9.7.06 | 2:31PM

Phil: Saw your blog post yesterday, and I have to disagree. While your concern is understandable, if we were to follow your logic to its conclusion, it would mean that no one who is a police officer, fire fighter, or soldier could have a family either.

On a different note, I got back late from vacation Tuesday evening, and turned on the TV which one of my roommates must have left on CNN. I caught the end of a segment of Larry King Live before it went to commercial. All I saw was a picture of Steve Irwin and heard some somber music. I knew immediately. God bless Steve Irwin, and may He look over his wife and children

Steve Irwin was a pioneer. He transformed the wildlife show, turning the genre into something that was both educational and fun. He showed that you could be goofy and still take wildlife seriously. Without Irwin, someone like Jeff Corwin would probably wouldn't be on television.

At times like this I find God's mysterious ways difficult to accept. Why didn't He let someone like Irwin entertain us for another 30 to 40 years? My only guess is that as Irwin aged, he would not be able to satisfy all the physical demands of his job, something that he would have found to be frustrating to the point of unbearable. Given all the wonderful things Irwin had done with his life, perhaps God decided to spare him that suffering.


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