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By on 9.3.06 | 9:20AM

Quin, I made my suggestion about making Allen Doyle to the Ryder Cup team in all seriousness. If, as Johnny Miller said (and I agree), Doyle is the best player in the world from 100 yards in, he would be a fine competitor. As for your assertion that "no way is he even among the best 150 golfers in the world," you contradict yourself by noting that Doyle "hung around the cut line" at the U.S. Open. That would seem to prove he is about #75.

And in any case, ranking in stroke play events does not absolutely indicate effectiveness in match play, nor especially in team match play.

Most important, in team match play, sheer grit and guts count, and Doyle has proven that in spades.

How many show-pony-studded American Ryder Cup teams have you seen that just stunk up the place? A fair number.

Okay, just because I can, and just because I've got a blog, off the top of my head, I'll pick my own Ryder Cup team, and I bet I'd have an even chance of beating the official squad -- on sheer desire and gratitude.

Joe Durant, Tim Herron, Jerry Kelly, Allen Doyle, Loren Roberts, Len Mattiace, Woody Austin, Olin Browne, Billy Andrade, Briny Baird, James Driscoll, Frank Lickliter.

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