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KofiWatch: Installment 7,981

By on 9.1.06 | 1:11PM

Kofi Annan has now announced that the Syrians have agreed to stop sending arms to Hizballah in Lebanon, even adding that they'd conduct border patrols to prevent smuggling. This will, surely, be bandied about in the Security Council as proof positive that no steps need be taken against Syria. It's not accompanied by any complaints from Nasrallah, which tells all.

Kofi's off to Tehran tomorrow. And more results like that will follow.

I spoke this morning to a senior administration official who said that Syria is still the route "a lot of bad guys" are taking into Iraq.

Note to Dr. Rice: please remember Casey Stengel. At a rather low point in the Mets' history, he asked, "Can't anybody here play this game?" That's a question we ask of the State Department.

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