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Agassi Agonistes

By on 9.1.06 | 12:03PM

I never thought I would see, again in my entire life, a tennis match as gripping as the one Jimmy Connors played in beating Aaron Krickstein on Labor Day of 1991, Connors' 39th birthday. But the incomparable Andre Agassi and the highly entertaining, heart-filled, and ultimately incredibly classy Marcos Baghdatis at least equalled that Connors event in their U.S. Oepn match last night. It was so nerve-wracking just watching that I felt my chest tightening and my temperature rising. Both players overcame pain and myriad challenges, both played unbelievably high-level tennis throughout, and both deserved the support of the crowd. In the end, with Agassi having barely hung on while Baghdatis suffered horrible cramps in both thighs, Baghdatis' comments in defeat were a heartfelt paean to Agassi's place in the history of the game. Bravo! And may Agassi continue his improbable match through this, his last tournament.

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