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Mass Care Not Working Out—Part I

By on 8.17.06 | 3:16PM

I'm betting that Mitt Romney will eventually come to regret the health care reform he championed. From the Boston Globe:

Representative Patricia A. Walrath, Democrat of Stow, said the regulations proposed in June by the Romney administration do not require businesses to pay enough for healthcare reform. In addition, she said a company's contribution should take part-time employees into account. The rules drafted by the Division of Health Care Finance and Policy exclude part-time workers.

Under the proposed rules, a company is considered a `"contributing employer" if at least 25 percent of its workers participate in the employer-sponsored health plan." Companies that don't meet that threshold can also be considered contributing employers if they pay at least 33 percent of the premium for individual coverage. Businesses with fewer than 11 employees are exempt.

Both tests are too lax, Walrath wrote in a letter to Amy Lischko , commissioner of the healthcare division. She wants companies to pay at least 50 percent of healthcare premiums or have at least 35 percent of their employees signed up for coverage.

Yep, the social-activist-do-gooders now want those evil corporations to pay more. That's lesson number one that Romney ignored: No matter how much you give to the left, they always come back and demand more.

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