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By on 8.10.06 | 5:38PM

...that American indoctrination education was bad! From the Newsweek International Edition:

A recent study of German high-school textbooks by the Institute for the German Economy, in Cologne, found entrepreneurs-instead of getting credit for creating jobs-taking the blame for everything from unemployment to alcoholism to Internet fraud and cell-phone addiction. Some high-school social-studies textbooks teach globalization as an unmitigated catastrophe; students are advised to consult the radical anti-globalization protest group Attac for further information. In France, books approved by the Education Ministry promote statist policies and voodoo economics. "Economic growth imposes a way of life that fosters stress, nervous depression, circulatory disease and even cancer," reports "20th-Century History," a popular high-school text published by Hatier. Another suggests Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were dangerous free-market extremists whose reforms plunged their countries into chaos and despair.

Read about that and the backlash to it (PDF).

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