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By on 8.9.06 | 1:26PM

The real winner yesterday? American football, not exactly a cut-and-run sport. When Joe Lieberman wins his fourth term next November, people will remember his comeback was launched with his brilliant football reference to the effect that while Lamont might have won the first half of the game, he'll win the second half.

Meanwhile, yesterday the NFL owners selected a new commissioner, who survived a treacherous election process a lot more worthy of the Vatican than of a lowly small state at its primary stage -- 185 original candidates, five election rounds. From all accounts, new commish Roger Goodell is tougher than his late father, a cut-and-run Republican when such a thing was still imaginable. But that's another story.

Speaking of comebacks, Philip: Wasn't Clinton dubbed the Comeback Kid because of his surviving Gennifer Flowers? But, of course, it's how you finish second that counts. Not just Clinton, but Eugene McCarthy and George McGovernik also "won" by coming in second in New Hampshire. Lieberman is fortunate that in finishing second himself, he won the war for momentum. By November 7, Lamont will be about as electable as the characters who joined him on the stage last night.

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